Graham Walgreens employee nearly lost his life after being stabbed

A Walgreens employee in Graham is happy to be alive after being violently attacked and stabbed by a man he was helping.

Just after 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Pierce County deputies responded to a stabbing at the Walgreens at 22320 Meridian E in Graham.

A 36-year-old man was arrested across the street in front of Kassie’s Korner.

“He tried to kill me twice within seconds, and I miraculously survived,” Jordan Biswell said.

It was like any other Walgreens shift for Biswell on Saturday afternoon. He says that about an hour into his shift, a man came in and politely asked if he could call a taxi.

“Aside from the fact that I could tell he was a little bland, he just seemed like a normal guy who was just going to use his phone and go about his business,” Biswell explained.

Biswell told KIRO 7 the man became upset on the phone when he was told there were no taxis in the area.

“I started insulting him, calling him his name and saying a bunch of mean things to him.”

Biswell says the man’s mood quickly changed.

“He immediately flashed and started screaming. He said quote after quote: “I’m a trained Marine, I’m paid to kill. »

He said the man took out a pocketknife and went behind the counter.

“But he grabs my hoodie kind of like this, twists it and pulls me, puts the knife to my throat and then leads me away,” Biswell said.

At this point, Biswell thought his life was over.

“I felt the cold of the blade on my neck and in that moment I felt like he was going to kill me. I’m going to die,” Biswell added. “I felt it woosh, like a solid movement and everything, and then I felt the pressure and then I looked for a second. I saw a little blood, my head started to go crazy.

Luckily, he says the sharp side of the knife was down and it only left scratches on his neck.

But as he escaped from the man, the suspect stabbed him in the back.

“I felt the first one go into my bones and I just felt like if you were…

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