Graffiti-tagged Los Angeles skyscraper a ‘scourge’ and ‘global problem,’ police chief says

LOS ANGELES — Dozens of people showed up at a graffiti-covered downtown Los Angeles skyscraper Tuesday in an attempt to further vandalize a property that the police chief says is becoming a “center of mischief and unrest”, as well as a “world center of unrest”. issue.”

At least six arrests because acts of vandalism have been committed since graffiti tags on the long-stalled Oceanwide Plaza projectnear the arena that hosted Sunday’s Grammy Awards, attracted national and international attention last week.

Police Chief Michel Moore on Wednesday called the buildings and their condition a “visual blight.”

“This has become a global problem, and now we have people traveling here trying to make their mark,” Moore, who is retiring at the end of the month, said at a news conference naming a chief acting.

The project was stalled in 2019 due to funding issues. Last week, after a video was shared showing graffiti on the windows of several floors of the skyscraper, police vowed to crack down.

Police responded around 1 p.m. Tuesday to search the vacant building and reinforce a perimeter fence, Moore said, spending all day on the issue, only to see more people show up that night.

“Dozens of people showed up last night and tried to climb the fence, and some did,” Moore said.

“Then we’ll stay there.” It’s a lot like the 6th Street Bridge, as an iconic place, a jewel…becoming a center of mischief and unrest,” he said.

The $588 million 6th Street Viaduct, which opened in July 2022, was immediately the target of street racing, burnouts and graffiti.

Four people aged 29 to 44 were arrested on Tuesday, the police said. They were charged with trespassing and all but one reside in the city. Two other people, aged 25 and 35, were arrested on January 30. the police said.

“As a resident of Los Angeles, I’m hopeful that we’re going to move this facility from its current state to a safe place, to a secure place,” Moore said.

Moore said…

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