GPT-3 based chat data preparation tool can transform data with plain English inputs TOU

GPT-3 based chat data preparation tool can transform data with plain English inputs

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Based in Massachusetts Akkio offers a no-code platform he says can help businesses create and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in minutes. The company has now enhanced its product with a new feature: chat data preparation. This feature allows users to prepare and transform large volumes of data by simply typing what they want in simple conversational language.

Preparing and transforming data is one of the first steps in the AI ​​development process. Businesses can manage the task either in spreadsheets, where teams must enter traditional formulas to perform basic transformations like correcting date formats, or through SQL queries in a data platform.

Because both of these options can be cumbersome and time-consuming, with some teams spending up to 80% of their time preparing data and only 20% modeling and generating insights, a growing ecosystem of data preparation emerged. Preparing chat data offers a new wrinkle.

How can preparing chat data help?

With Chat Data Preparation, users can transform any table – combining columns, summarizing records, translating languages, converting formats, and performing complex calculations – using plain English. This means you don’t need complex formulas, SQL, or even coding.


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“The ability to easily transform data into plain language means a 10x reduction in the time it takes to prepare your data for analysis,” said Jonathon Reilly, co-founder of Akkio.

“Just ask what you want, confirm the preview and apply the transformation with one click. You can even use Akkio to fix messy date fields, such as writing “reformat date to MM/DD/YYYY” or by performing time-based mathematical operations like ‘calculating days from date to today’,” he added.

The solution was built on top of GPT-3 and includes fast engineering, context awareness, and in-loop user feedback. So basically AI prepares data for AI development and deployment. According to Reilly, this can reduce the time currently spent on this task to a few minutes.


Currently, Chat Data Preparation is available for a limited time for a free trial as part of the Akkio platform. The launch of this solution makes perfect sense for Akkio, whose product already enables companies to classify and sequence data, train predictive ML models, and predict business outcomes with minimal coding. Several companies have adopted the company’s offering, using it for applications such as lead scoring, churn reduction, revenue forecasting and ad spend optimization, as well as for onboarding of ML-driven features in custom products.

The no-code AI development space has grown, especially in light of the pandemic and the shortage of data science Talent. Other players operating in the same segment are Google AutoML, Obviously AI and Fritz AI. Gartner predicted that 65% of application development will be low code/no code by 2024.

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