“General ramblings of utter nonsense; » Woman calls 911 nearly 1,000 times in just 10 days

“General ramblings of utter nonsense; » Woman calls 911 nearly 1,000 times in just 10 days

A local woman is accused of making nearly 1,000 calls to 911 operators in 10 days.

Between January 15 and 25, Mimi Honshul used her phone and dialed 911 over and over again, making 980 calls. The calls were bizarre and abusive.

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They started out like any other call to the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center, but then changed dramatically.

“I am intergalactic. You are under arrest,” Honshul said in a call.

Honshul’s calls came fast and furious. A lot of them didn’t make any sense, but they kept coming.

“Several 911 calls an hour, not just 911, but our non-emergency line,” said Capt. Jay Wheeler of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, who serves as dispatch supervisor.

As shown on Information Center 7 at 6:00 a.m., Wheeler said the calls were “abusive” and Honshul insulted and threatened the dispatchers. He also described them as “general ramblings of nonsense.”

A Dayton officer went to warn Honshul about the calls and she didn’t stop even after learning she was being charged with misuse of 911.

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News Center 7’s Mike Campbell visited Honshul’s listed home Wednesday a week after police went there. He knocked on the front and side doors and was about to leave when a man answered. He said the police had kicked Honshul out of the house the night before.

“She was sitting over there, at that table, on the phone. (Saying) “F this, F that,” the man said.

He claimed that’s when she called 911 80 times.

Honshul is not being held in jail, but News Center 7 has been told she is getting the help she needs.

As for calls, while you won’t hear a busy tone when someone calls mass 911 like this, that type of volume could slow down responding to someone…

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