Future Agniveer on ‘Agneepath’ in Bihar, ruckus from rail to road, know what is angry TOU

Future Agniveer on ‘Agneepath’ in Bihar, ruckus from rail to road, know what is angry 

Future Agniveer on ‘Agneepath’ in Bihar, ruckus from rail to road, know what is angry

Patna : In Bihar, the opposition to the army’s new recruitment scheme ‘Agnipath’ has started. There has been heavy uproar in Buxar, Ara, Muzaffarpur and Begusarai. Demonstrations took place at various places on Wednesday, the very next day after the announcement of the Agneepath scheme for Agniveers. Candidates say that for three to four years they are preparing for the exam and then there is no point in getting a job for four years. ‘What will we do if we retire in four years?’
The candidates of Muzaffarpur took to the road in protest against the restoration of Agneepath army in Muzaffarpur. Arson and protest blocked NH 28 at many places. Arson was done at Bhagwanpur Golambar in Muzaffarpur. The new rules of army reinstatement, in which there is a provision of employment for up to four years, were opposing it. Groups of students divided into different units started creating ruckus in Chakkar Chowk, Gobarsahi Chowk and Maripur areas. Gradually, the group of students gathered at one place at Bhagwanpur Chowk. There was arson at this intersection and there was a lot of commotion. The students told that they have been preparing for four years. Many students have taken medical examination and their written is not done yet. When the government retires in four years, where will we go after that?

Agnipath Scheme: Massive opposition to Agnipath scheme in Muzaffarpur, Army candidates clash with police, Watch Video

protest by stopping the train in buxar
In Buxar, army candidates reached the railway station and tried to jam the track and raised slogans against the government. These candidates were expressing their anger over the Agneepath scheme. These people are preparing for recruitment in the army for the last two years, among them there are some who have passed the medical test and kept waiting for the exam. Some have also given the exam and are waiting for the result. The Railway Police was seen explaining to these candidates that there would be no benefit in performing like this. The main objective of this scheme is to reduce unemployment in the country as well as to reduce the burden of salary and pension on the defense budget. But former officers who have held important positions in the army have expressed concern over this plan.

Buxar News: Ruckus of recruitment candidates regarding Agneepath scheme

Expressing anger by burning tires in Begusarai
In Begusarai, the army candidates strongly opposed the demand for reinstatement in the army and the Agneepath scheme. Hundreds of candidates jammed Har Har Mahadev Chowk in Begusarai by burning tires. The government has announced four years of reinstatement in the army, which the candidates are not ready to accept. They allege that they prepare for three-four years, after that they will get a job for 4 years, their future will be spoiled. The government should withdraw the Agni Path scheme. Dozens of police forces reached the spot on the information of the jam. Tried to convince the agitated students but for an hour the students did not listen to a word. They raised slogans against the central government by creating a ruckus. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is going to reach JDU MLA Rajkumar Singh’s house at Har Har Mahadev Chowk in a private program. Later, the policemen cleared the jam by removing the students.

Agnipath Scheme: Ruckus of Army candidates in Begusarai, jammed NH by burning tires, Watch Video

Why are the candidates opposing the Agneepath scheme?
On June 14, the central government announced the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme to recruit a large number of youth in all the three branches of the Army (Army, Navy and Air Force). Under this, the youth will have to serve in the Defense Force for only 4 years. After this, the job of one-fourth of these youths will be permanent, the rest will be retired. It is believed that the government has taken this step to reduce the budget of salary and pension. But the candidates are not liking this government scheme. Actually, all the recruitments in the army will be under the Agneepath scheme. Old medical or physical test will not be considered. For recruitment, youth will have to apply under Agneepath scheme only.


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