Former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan and his wife sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption

A Pakistani court on Wednesday sentenced former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife to 14 years in prison for stealing expensive state gifts, his lawyer said.

The conviction came a day after another court convicted Khan and his former foreign minister, Shah Mahmoud Qureshia 10-year prison sentence for disclosing the contents of a classified diplomatic cable.

This latest conviction means that Khan will not be able to run in the national elections which will take place on February 8, according to the court order.

The 71-year-old former sports star, ousted in April 2022 by a parliamentary vote of censure, will not be able to seek another term for at least a decade.

Khan was convicted and jailed for three years by the same court on the same charges last year, but a high court suspended the conviction and ordered a retrial.

Khan allegedly stole several expensive gifts he received from heads of other states and governments during his tenure as prime minister between 2018 and 2022.

Pakistani law states that gifts received from other countries must be submitted to the state kitty.

Khan, who was once backed by the country’s powerful military, appears unlikely to be able to return to politics after falling out of favor with the generals, who have ruled the nuclear-armed Islamic republic for decades.

Khan’s predecessor, Nawaz Sharif, is now the favorite to become the new prime minister. He was also convicted weeks before the 2018 elections on charges similar to Khan’s.

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