Florence Pugh Shares a Tour of the ‘Thunderbolts’ Set and Yelena’s Battlesuit

Florence Pugh is back on a Marvel set. The actress shared a behind-the-scenes tour of the Atlanta set where she is currently filming the upcoming film. Love at first sight Wednesday.

“Hey guys, how are you?” I know I backed off a little bit, but part of it was because I was flown to Atlanta to shoot a movie that I’m not really supposed to talk about,” Pugh said in a video posted to Instagram. But I can show you things, sneakily, as long as you don’t tell anyone… I can show you a glimpse of the setting.”

Pugh plays assassin Yelena Belova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character first appeared in 2021 Black Widow and later in the Disney+ series Hawk Eye.

In his video, Pugh appears in costume, lifting the camera to show Yelena’s costume, then moving to reveal several of the structures being built for Love at first sight. She also speaks with director Jake Schreier.

“I don’t even think you’re supposed to do that,” Schreier tells Pugh when she turns to a playback monitor and reveals Yelena in a fighting stance.

Pugh’s video also included a glimpse of a crew member’s chair, and eagle-eyed fans are now also curious as to why the Love at first sight the title appears printed with an asterisk.

THE Love at first sight The Marvel comics tell the tangled story of a group of villains, although plot details from the film adaptation remain scarce. Previous reports included new roles for Steven Yeun and Ayo Edebiri, in addition to returning Marvel stars Sebastian Stan, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyatt Russell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Harbor and Olga Kurylenko, but Yeun and Edebiri have both left the project earlier this year. year. Top Gun: Maverickby Lewis Pullman and Hunt the dolls the star Geraldine…

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