Exclusive first look at posters for Rooney Mara’s new film ‘La Cocina’ .

Two-time Oscar nominee Rooney Mara is literally wrapped up with co-star Raúl Briones in her new film, The kitchen. In the film, the English-language debut of Mexican director Alonso Ruizpalacios (A police film, Museum), Mara plays Julia, an American waitress working the lunch rush at Manhattan restaurant The Grill, whose relationship with undocumented Mexican cook Pedro (Briones) is about to be tested .

The official posters for the film, revealed exclusively at The Hollywood Reportershow it Women who speak And Girl with dragon tattoo the actress back to back with Briones, linked together by a seemingly endless ticker tape of lunch orders. In the lower corner, a free-ranging lobster appears to be making a break for freedom.

A second poster shows Mara cleaning the glass of the lobster tank while Briones watches. Inside the tank is a mini Statute of Liberty, a symbol of the (bridled?) promise of the American dream for migrant workers like Pedro.

Adapted from Arnold Wesker’s 1957 stage classic The kitchen, The kitchen will have its world premiere in competition at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday February 16. HanWay Films, Fifth Season and WME International are handling worldwide sales.

Check The kitchen posters below.

Exclusive first look at posters for Rooney Mara’s new film ‘La Cocina’ .

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