Excellent viewing conditions in south-central Pennsylvania. likely for the 2024 solar eclipse

Meteorologists say it currently appears favorable for residents of south-central Pennsylvania to view the April 8 solar eclipse.

Viewers in the area will see more than 90% of the solar eclipse if it is not cloudy.

“It looks pretty good at this point,” said AccuWeather.com senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

Kyle Elliott, director of the Millersville University Weather Information Center, says the weather is expected to be cloudy, rainy and windy during the first week of April, but a major reversal in the trend is forecast for the opening weekend of trout season.

A decline in the Jet Stream is expected to be replaced by a large dome of high pressure during the second week of April, he wrote in an email.

“If so, dry conditions would “dominate” April 6-10 with a high probability of mostly clear skies, excellent viewing conditions, and pleasantly warm weather on eclipse day in south-central and southeastern PA,” Elliott said.

Meteorologists will have a more accurate forecast as the event approaches.

Pydynowski highlighted the difficulty of predicting sky coverage at the peak of the event, which will last less than three minutes.

Comfortable temperatures are forecast across south-central Pennsylvania

Viewers will likely enjoy comfortable weather that day and won’t have to worry about bundled up to watch the solar eclipse, Pydynowski said.

Temperatures will likely be in the 60s that day, he said.

Watch for Solar Eclipse Glasses Scams: Pennsylvania Attorney General

People will need to wear special glasses or use portable solar viewers to protect their eyes from the sun during the eclipse.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry is warning consumers to be wary of sunglasses scams. Legitimate ones will have special filters to protect your eyes, a press release states.

“This is a fun and exciting global event, and this widespread anticipation has attracted scammers looking to make money without considering the potential damage,” Henry…

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