Ex-military man accused of ramming FBI office had online links to QAnon, report says

WASHINGTON — The former soldier who federal authorities say drove his SUV into a barricade outside the FBI office in Atlanta Monday had online links to QAnon-related content and appeared to be a supporter of the former president Donald Trumpaccording to an open source survey by the group Advance Democracy.

Ervin Lee Bolling is currently facing one count of destruction of government property. He has not yet entered a plea. An FBI affidavit states that after crashing his car, Bolling got out and attempted to go through the door where he was arrested by three special agents. Bolling refused orders to sit on the sidewalk and resisted arrest when officers attempted to arrest him, according to charging documents.

Advance Democracy, in a report seen by NBC News, found social media accounts that appeared to be linked to Bolling and that had a history of promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election as well as QAnon.

“I love you @realDonaldTrump,” an account believed to be linked to Bolling posted in December 2020, according to Advance Democracy. “You have more support than you think.”

A person is in custody after allegedly ramming a car into an FBI building in Atlanta. (MSNBC)

A separate Telegram account that used the name “Lee Bolling” and has an handle that Bolling appears to have used on other platforms was a member of nine public Telegram groups, several of which were linked to QAnon, according to Advance Democracy.

The court filing in Bolling’s case does not indicate he has an attorney. Contacted by NBC News and asked about Bolling’s beliefs in QAnon, his wife declined to comment.

Details of the Advance Democracy report were published first first publication by Wired.

Daniel J. Jones, president of the nonprofit group Advance Democracy, told NBC News it was important to take “seriously the increasing violent rhetoric and actions that we are seeing, and our elected officials, particularly Republican elected officials , must speak out against…

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