Emily Blunt Was Picking Up Dog Poop When ‘Oppenheimer’ Oscar Nomination Won .

Emily Blunt is nominated for her first Oscar this year for her role in Oppenheimerbut it turns out she didn’t find out about her nomination in the most Hollywood way.

Speaking to Josh Horowitz during a chat on 92NY on Tuesday, Blunt explained that being named an Oscar nominee didn’t feel natural yet, despite the months-long buzz that she would receive Oscar recognition.

“It’s quite scary to anticipate that, and I think you just have to try not to listen to the buzz because the buzz can sometimes build on sand. And so when that happened, and when it happened in such a big way for all of us in the movie and for every single member of the crew, it was magical,” Blunt said. about Oppenheimer“I cried briefly in the middle of Brooklyn, right after picking up my dog’s poop.”

“I picked up his poop, and then I heard I was nominated, so it was perfect,” she continued, and her husband John Krasinski “also cried really well after he gave me helped with his poop. I think he went to put it in the trash and then we both cried.

Blunt is nominated for her portrayal of Kitty Oppenheimer, wife of Cillian Murphy’s title character, who slowly loses control of her own life throughout their marriage and J. Robert Oppenheimer’s work on the Manhattan Project.

“I think there was so much about her that I sympathized with – the idea of ​​this extraordinary brain wasted and rotting in front of the ironing board and the simmering anger and rage that would follow,” the star told about his real character. “She kind of got angry at the machine as best she could, but I think there wasn’t much she could do, and then she got married to it…

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