Editorial: California order increases speed for electric cars, but not with speed TOU

Editorial: California order increases speed for electric cars, but not with speed


Editorial: California order increases speed for electric cars, but not with speed

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California air quality officials on Tuesday unveiled an exciting plan that all new cars sold by 2035 should be zero-emission vehicles, making it the first state to force gas-powered vehicles to trigger a climate crisis. This marks the beginning of the end of combustion engines in California.

The state Air Resources Board plan is expected to be voted on this summer, following the executive order of Governor Gavin Newzome by 2020. Automakers need to sell a percentage of zero-emission vehicles that will start with 35% new car sales in 2026, increasing to 68% by 2030 and 100% by 2035.

This is a much needed command to avoid the planet’s catastrophic heat and control deadly and unhealthy air pollution, but regulators can do better. Some environmental groups have called for setting a sales target of at least 75% of zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Others have called for 100% by 2030. Sale of new gas fuel cars.

If they are not ready to go that far, regulators should at least strengthen the rule. These standards should ensure that car manufacturers go beyond the zero-emission promises already made and force them to get more electric vehicles faster on the road.

General Motors, America’s largest automaker, has announced plans to sell only zero-emission cars by 2035, and other major companies, including Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, have pledged to stop selling gas-powered cars globally by 2040. And in 2035 “in the leading markets.”

Electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles accounted for 12.4% of California’s new car sales in 2021, up 7.8% from the previous year. The market is expanding rapidly, and setting a strict zero-emission standard of at least three-quarters of new sales by 2030 will send a clear message that the country’s largest auto market and other states following its rules will force manufacturers. To pick up speed.

Speed ​​is crucial because time is running out for action on climate change, and California will not meet its legal obligation to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 to 1990 levels. Passenger vehicles are the largest resource in the state. Greenhouse gas emissions account for a quarter of its atmospheric pollution.

Adding more people to electric cars is not only a compulsion of the climate, it is also necessary to reduce smog in some of the worst polluted areas in the country, including Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley.

Climate scientists predict that the current proposal will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by only 8% by 2030, and that global emissions should be halved in that year. And with so many cars staying on the road for 15 years or more, by the time sales of new cars with fossil fuels end in 2035, it is estimated that 56% of vehicles on state roads will run on gas, the board said.

Regulators need to strengthen the rules of environmental justice in order to ensure that more electric vehicles come into low-income communities.

Climate impacts are rapidly deteriorating, battery technology is making great strides and petrol prices are rising, underscoring the dangers of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine relying on fossil fuels. This moment calls for bold action on electric vehicles, and California regulators should urge carmakers to move even faster.

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                                        The California plan aims to triple sales of electric cars by 2026
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