Driver flees on foot from four-vehicle crash in Longmont Tuesday, then arrested

Jan. 31—A man suspected of causing a four-vehicle crash before fleeing the scene in Longmont on Tuesday was arrested on three active arrest warrants.

According to Longmont Public Safety spokesperson Robin Ericson, police responded to the area of ​​Nelson Road and Hover Street around 5:37 p.m. Tuesday following a call of a four-vehicle crash. At the scene, officers found a fully loaded Glock 43 with a magazine and another loaded firearm magazine in the suspect’s car. According to Ericson, officers also found a clear plastic bag containing cocaine, as well as a pill bottle and a small glass jar containing white powder, a scale and several plastic bags.

Police identified a 29-year-old man as a suspect and found three active warrants for his arrest. The man was wanted for weapons possession, felonious assault and strangulation in Garfield County and misdemeanor assault and trespassing into a motor vehicle in Larimer County.

He faces charges of driving while intoxicated, possession of a weapon, license under license, leaving the scene of an accident, dangerous driving and multiple drug possession charges. he is also accused of violating a restraining order prohibiting the possession or purchase of weapons.

The man was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation before being transported to the Boulder County Jail. Ericson said it does not appear anyone else was transported.

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