DoorDash aims to expand presence overseas while rivals struggle

(Bloomberg) — DoorDash Inc., already the top restaurant delivery company in the U.S., is now looking to strengthen its presence overseas.

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The San Francisco-based company operates in 28 countries outside the US, mostly in continental Europe, Japan and Australia. Yet in none of these markets does it have the same name recognition as the U.S., Chief Executive Officer Tony Xu said in an interview.

“We haven’t been able to penetrate any of those countries very well,” Xu said. “The growth is there, and our unit economics are improving, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to matching our US market entry level.”

The bulk of DoorDash’s overseas markets are in more sparsely populated European countries such as Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and Iceland, where it entered through the purchase of Finnish food-delivery company Volt Enterprises two years ago.

While there is speculation that DoorDash may be interested in acquiring struggling U.K. peer Deliveroo Plc to fuel its global ambitions, Xu said, “We have our hands pretty full right now making sure we continue to grow our existing overseas Do well in markets”, which do not include the UK or France.

“We’re really talking about consumer awareness and engagement,” Xu said, elaborating on his previous comments. “In America, most people know what DoorDash is.” That’s not necessarily the case in many other markets where DoorDash or Vault now operates, and many people still don’t know DoorDash is in the grocery category, he said. “Today our focus is on serving the audiences in our markets, which means connecting more people with merchants and providing earning opportunities in their neighborhoods.”

DoorDash shares rose 1.8% in New Delhi…

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