Dog survives violent mountain lion attack in Southern California

Warning: Graphic video of dog attacked

A La Verne family is counting their blessings after their dog’s terrifying attack by a mountain lion was caught on the owner’s surveillance cameras.

The early evening attack on the couple’s 3-year-old black giant schnauzer, Holly Jolly, occurred over the weekend in the gated community of Mountain Springs.

Holly’s owners, Steve and Nicole, told KTLA’s Chris Wolfe that the La Verne area they live in is full of wildlife, like bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

The couple added, who were inside watching TV when the big cat entered their yard, that it was the first time a cougar had come this close.

A mountain lion seen roaming the streets of a Southern California neighborhood

The images of this violent attack can be distressing to watch.

“We heard screaming and my husband said, ‘Is that Holly?’ and I said, ‘No, I think it’s TV,’ and he said, ‘No, I think it’s Holly,'” Nicole explained.

The couple soon realized that horrible, shrill, guttural noises were coming from their garden. Steve and Nicole started yelling enough to startle the mountain lion long enough for their schnauzer to break free and run to safety.

“As soon as I heard how fierce the battle was, I thought there was no way,” Steve said. “I was imagining like a skunk or something in here that she was playing with, so I went in and grabbed a gun.”

By the time he returned, the mountain lion had disappeared into the night, but returned about 20 minutes later, presumably looking for the injured dog.

Holly was treated by a vet for puncture wounds, scratches and an injury that required stitches, although the family says she is a fighter and is now doing well.

“She enjoys all the extra love, all the extra treats, all the extra attention,” Nicole said. “She’s loving it right now.”

They say the terrifying experience was…

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