Discovery Nissan celebrates its inauguration

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held last week at Discovery Nissan, formerly Nissan of Shelby, to celebrate its grand opening under new ownership.

The dealership, located at 631 S. Post Road, has had a controversial past.

Last year, CEO Sam Kazran and nearly a dozen other employees were cited by the North Carolina Vehicle Licensing and Theft Division for failing to disclose damages, among other charges .

After the dealership took corrective action under new management, the state dropped the charges.

In addition to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy food and drinks, take photos under a balloon arch and listen to music.

New owners of the Nissan Discovery said they do things differently.

“We really strive to do the right thing,” said Travis Lewis, general manager.

He said they are faith-based and believe in acting with integrity.

“Everyone has been very welcoming,” Lewis said. “We’re very excited to be here.”

He said the new management has “cleaned house” and has employees who see the vision of the dealership.

“A resurrection, if you will,” Lewis said.

Kevin Geagan, the dealership’s new owner, said it’s a family business, not a large public corporation. He said he grew up and started doing business in a small community and has grown over the years.

He said that at Discovery Nissan, staff becomes family and the community becomes partners.

“For us, when we come to work in the morning, we don’t ask ourselves how much money we can make, but the question who can we do good for today,” Geagan said.

He said profit usually follows when you do the right thing.

Geagan said Discovery Nissan would like to partner with community organizations in Cleveland County that focus on wounded veterans and children.

Christine Cribb, executive director of the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, said it’s good to see someone like Discovery Nissan coming into a rural economy and having a passion for helping veterans and children.

“We welcomed Kevin and his team to the Cleveland County Chamber,”…

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