Did Sydney Sweeney really work at Universal Studios as a tour guide? .

The Internet Demands to Know: Did Sydney Sweeney Fabricate Parts of Her Inspirational Story?

Let’s go back. In November, the 26-year-old actress and aspiring producer graced the cover of Women’s health to promote a starring role alongside Glen Powell in the romantic comedy Anyone but you. Writer Lindsay Geller recapped Sweeney’s humble beginnings as a teenager who earned extra money babysitting, cleaning restaurant toilets, and arranging visits to Universal Studios to help her family pay for the bills while she was trying to make it in Hollywood. “I saw my parents lose a lot. We filed for bankruptcy and they lost their lake house,” she said. “We couldn’t afford to live in Los Angeles.”

A young actress pointing a scorecard on the Universal Studios backlot is the type of celebrity factoid – stars are like us! — which is circulating all over today’s worldwide web, especially considering the meteoric rise the two-time Emmy nominee has enjoyed since his breakout appearance on Sam Levinson’s show. Euphoria and on the first season of Mike White’s The White Lotus. When news of his Universal gig broke on TikTok, a handful of creators called out Sweeney in a not-so-polite manner, with some claiming to have inside information thanks to Universal Studios mandates on their own resumes. Therefore, they know who has and hasn’t worked on the lot, highlighting Jaws and King-Kong on the “World Famous Tour”.

“It’s not true, she’s lying,” claimed Taylor Hancock, who posted a clip that details his “many years” of being a tour manager himself on the Classic Tour as well as a VIP guide on the backlot. Hancock added that Sweeney’s later and more recent viral interview interviews show The hot ones And The Kelly Clarkson…

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