DeSantis super PAC quietly funneled money to anti-Trump group

The main group supporting the Florida governor. Ron DeSantis“The presidential bid pumped $2.75 million into a pop-up super PAC just as that group was spending millions attacking the former president. Donald Trump

Pro-DeSantis Never Back Down to Win It Back PAC Payments – One Group linked to the Club for Growth — were revealed Tuesday in documents filed by the latter group with the Federal Election Commission. Win It Back PAC spent more than $6.4 million on digital and television ads over the summer to oppose Trump’s candidacy. It also funded a field program and text messaging.

Most of that money — more than $4.5 million — came directly from the Club for Growth, a longtime conservative organization that opposed Trump’s 2024 re-election bid. Never Back Down , which supported DeSantis and was funded largely with money transferred from the Florida governor’s campaign, was the group’s second-largest donor.

Win It Back’s efforts to stop Trump were relatively brief, with the group’s last independent spending reported in late August. Several of the group’s ads were not aired this fall after a data analysis revealed spots attacking the former president for his legal troubles actually it backfired on me with Republican primary voters.

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