Dad and Tupac in Metawares: How Digital Avatars Will Be a Future for the Bank TOU

Dad and Tupac in Metawares: How Digital Avatars Will Be a Future for the Bank


Dad and Tupac in Metawares: How Digital Avatars Will Be a Future for the Bank

It was a technological breakthrough that made history, surprised audiences and resurrected a dead rapper. At the Coachella Festival in April 2012 in California, Dubak Shakur Snoop took the stage with Doc and Dr. Trey. It has been 16 years since he died, and he was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

But this is tobacco HologramFalse mouth and lively, a “pre-actingShocked and then surprised“Meeting.

As humans first enjoyed the sounds of music, advances in technology were able to make musical expression immortal. Throughout history, inventors have sought to create original, accessible and timeless performances.

As engineering knowledge grows, Musical instrument design improved. Many traditional composers were introduced Pioneer tools In their scores along with depth and color that enhance the listening experience.

Accurate Settings for reference Matured, it gives the essence of immortality to the music through the printed manuscript. 1853 Edward-Leon Scott de Martinville Sound recording Was the forerunner Sound recording technique.

Composed by WC Handy in 1912 Memphis Blues, The storm that hit the United States affected the growth of song and popular music. Released on paper, it was very popular in dance halls and soon every band in the United States was asked to play it. Approved this public request Emerging recording industryIt soon blossomed.

Technology = creativity

It came with a breakthrough in the quality of music capture Hi-Fi and stereo Introduced by Yamaha. Those who embrace art as art can bring a lifetime of performance experience to the homes of the masses. One of the largest bands of the 1970s and 1980s, Swedish Super Group DadThe forerunner of this technology was the adoption of recording techniques, which are still used as standard today.

Behind this technology was the creative genius who created millions of record sales and shows that dominated the 1970s and beyond. After the band’s apparent demise, Penny and Byzone expanded the genre of drama by composing. With their passion for emerging technology, it sowed the seeds for Dad to recapture and rediscover the machine 40 years later.

In May 2022, when Dad returns to the live stage after a 40-year hiatus, he sees the latest technological advances in music immortality. But this time they return as human figures – the digital hologram “twins” of the original global event.

George Lucas Industrial light and magic Is Created holographic looks Communicates live with the band in a specially designed purpose-built theater in East London. Benny, Björn, Frida and Agnetha have provided pre-recorded voices and motion capture movement, which can then be recreated in digital incarnations.

Doppelgngers are so young in appearance — at the height of their fame, in their late 30s — an interesting conundrum about Dad’s human death, against their new immortality.

Dad’s music is undoubtedly timeless; Simple tunes with incredibly complex structures attract millions. “Abbatars” is a new invention for a new audience, but as new creators pull the strings, will they continue beyond their original lives?

In addition to Dad and Tobago, there have been other events where “digital twinning” has been identified as a major money-making strategy. Digital band Gorillas’ 2006 Grammy show Blended flawlessly with Madonna. And Richard Burton’s hologram Performed On a global tour World War On another 2006 show.

Music on Metawares

Customizing 3D avatars is a unique way for artists to create virtual brands on multiple digital platforms. They can almost connect with fans and increase loyalty and engagement, while fans can interact, express themselves and experience new things.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have demonstrated that this can now be achieved by using AI software to create holograms. In an experiment This created the holograms very instantly.

Jiva Dynamics A pioneer in simulation and real-time character creation, it uses synthetic AI-powered avatars to create autonomous and complex motion simulations based on real muscle, fat, soft tissue and skin contact.

In April 2021, in the project 27 Club Lost TapesOf Google Magenta AI It was also used to compose songs in the style of musicians who died in disgrace at the age of 27, including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse.

These technologies have the potential to create realistic artificial and AI holographic representations of departed artists, allowing them to continue to create, influence and operate for future audiences.

Epic gamesThe creators of the hugely successful Fortnite, Predicts that Digital duos will merge MetawaresA growing network of fully immersed digital worlds.

Disrupting the music business

While live tours may be more time consuming for new artists, the low-cost metawares “Tour” may be a new way for music enthusiasts to watch live shows. Virtual shows by Justin Bieber, DeadMou5 And Weekend Have already become popular recently.

In this growing branch of the music industry, recording labels and marketing companies can change Decentralized autonomous systems (DAOs). DAOs are online companies that act as cooperatives that make all decisions collectively.

DAOs already exist Disrupts the music business– With NFTs (non-fungal tokens), this is a way to transfer assets between people online. In October 2021, the partnership of PleasrDAO Decentralized funding (DeFi) Leaders, Early NFT Collectors and Digital Artists – US $ 4 Million (3 Million) Once upon a time in Shaolin The album by New York hip-hop legend Wu-Dong Klan.

Prior to the album’s release before the rise of NFTs, PleasrDAO now owns the rights and imposes strict restrictions on copy, distribution or public exhibition. Music-centric DAO, such as Pleasr, can obtain wholesale concert tickets, organize financial and event events, and manage fan-owned recording labels and marketing agencies to protect investment items such as first edition LPs, artwork and instruments. It has the potential to benefit fans, new music genres and artists alike.

It creates a new, decentralized path to the market for artists who have no corporate interests or interests of individual producers, and creates a better landscape for the future. Since there may be digital incarnations at the center of this new front, it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months and years and whether it will be adequate for music audiences.

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