Creek turns mysteriously white, leading to strange discovery, Virginia officials say

A strange transformation occurred in Virginia when a stream turned into countless gallons of water. milk flowing freely.

The dairy dilemma occurred Saturday, Feb. 3, in Lynchburg, about 100 miles southwest of Richmond.

“A citizen called 9-1-1 this morning to report that the creek near the 1300 block of Hendricks Street was almost entirely white in color,” the Lynchburg Fire Department reported in a Facebook post on February 3.

Firefighters determined that the “water” was actually milk, and the source was traced to a dairy plant more than a half-mile away. An investigation found the city’s Westover Dairy had a clogged drain, causing milk to overflow into a sewer, officials said.

“An unknown quantity of milk waste was accidentally discharged into a nearby stream,” firefighters said.

“The line has been cleared and the overflow has stopped. State and local water resources officials have been notified. There is no threat to public health.

A stream mysteriously turned white as it flowed past homes in Virginia and investigators say it was countless gallons of milk flowing freely. Lynchburg Fire Department photo

The explanation sparked jokes – and plenty of milk puns – on social media, with multiple references to the stream attracting “all cats within a mile.»

“With the prices of groceries these days, I run to the river with a few gallon jugs” Meredith De Avila Khan posted on Facebook.

“Put honey in it and you will have the Promised Land” Bobby Bonser wrote.

“I just hope no one cries.” Karl Westerhoff said.

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