Couple arrested for stealing Stanley Cups from Cupertino Target: sheriff

(KRON) — A man and woman were arrested Tuesday after being accused of stealing Stanley Cups from a Target in Cupertino, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said. The alleged theft happened in January after the limited edition cups were delivered to Target.

40 ounce tumblers have become a nationwide craze in January after Stanley partnered with Starbucks to produce them. In Cupertino, customers lined up early on the morning of January 3 for the chance to buy one.

(Photo by Frédéric J. BROWN / AFP)

Around 7:15 a.m., deputies were notified that one of the cups had been stolen. Witnesses said a man and woman in their 20s cut the line of customers and Target refused to sell them a cup.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect then jumped over the counter at Target’s Starbucks, knocked over a barista and grabbed a cup.

A customer blocked the store’s door to prevent him from leaving, according to the sheriff’s office. The man tried to pass the customer but was tackled.

His girlfriend punched the customer and tried to take his Stanley Cup, SCCSO said. The couple left before law enforcement arrived.

The sheriff’s office was later able to identify the suspects as 26-year-old Kevin Torres-Cruz and 24-year-old Hazel Dominguez-Vera. They were arrested on Tuesday March 26 for theft.

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