Climate change: More investment in fossil fuels is clearly illusory TOU

Climate change: More investment in fossil fuels is clearly illusory

Climate change: More investment in fossil fuels is clearly illusory

This was stated by Antonio Guterres at the 6th Austrian World Conference on Climate Crisis, organized by the Australian Government and former Governor of the U.S. state of California and Hollywood film actor and climate activist Arnold Schwarzenegger.

UN Secretary General Has again urged the G20 group of countries with the world’s leading economies to scrap the coal structure, under which it will be completely scrapped by 2030, setting a deadline of 2040 for other countries.

Renewable Energy Options: The 21st Century Peace Plan

He also called for the complete elimination of renewable energy, “a peace plan for the 21st century” and the availability of funds for fossil fuels – green alternatives.

The UN chief said “the only way to secure energy, sustainable energy prices, prosperity and a habitable planet is to stop using polluting fossil fuels, especially coal, and shift to renewable energy alternatives.”

Antonio Guterres warns that opportunities are being created to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis, and to keep within reach the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, emissions by 45 to 2030. The percentage has to be reduced and the target of zero emissions has to be achieved by 2050.

“But with the current resolutions of the countries, this will pave the way for an increase of about 14 per cent in this decade,” he said.

Not enough

I boldly say: Most climate resolutions are simply not enough. This is not just my side. Science and public opinion are giving the cowardly climate policies a huge sign of failure.

“We are seeing a historic and dangerous difference – science and civics are demanding ambitious and transformative climate action. While the governments of many countries have their feet stuck. ”


He said that at a time when everyone should be united in the battle of their lives, foolish wars are scattering us. “Even with the rise in energy prices due to the Ukraine war, countries with developed economies have increased their use of fossil fuels. The war has taught a bitter lesson: our energy mix is ​​shattered. ”

He said that on the contrary cheap, accessible and more reliable energy alternatives should have been developed sooner and faster, including wind and solar alternatives.

“If we had invested heavily in renewable energy resources in the past, we would not be so dramatically dependent on the volatility of fossil fuel markets right now.”

Prices for solar energy and batteries have fallen by 85 percent over the past decade, while wind energy has fallen by 55 percent.

The UN Secretary-General argued, “On the other hand, oil and gas prices have reached record highs. And investing in renewable energy sources creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels. ”

Existing solutions

He reiterated his five-point plan for action on renewable energy to cope with today’s new economic shocks.

First, to make renewable energy technology a global common good, including overcoming intellectual property barriers to technology sharing.

Second, to improve global access to renewable energy technological components and supply chains of raw materials.

Third, to reform the red tape, which has prevented the renewable production revolution from moving forward.

Fourth, shift the energy subsidy from fossil fuels to renewable energy, while also finding solutions to the possible consequences for people with extremely poor conditions.

And fifth, to triple investment in renewable energy sources.


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