Cisco launches security software to stop hackers stealing corporate logins

Cisco (CSCO) is introducing new security products aimed at improving protection against hackers who manage to break into companies using employees’ credentials.

The service, called Cisco Identity Intelligence, is designed to recognize anomalies in the way a user moves through a company’s network and alert security personnel, allowing them to track, block, and expel intruders from their network. Permission is granted to withdraw.

“By analyzing the entire attack surface of an organization’s users, machines, services, apps, data, and their behavior, Cisco Identity Intelligence connects the connections between authentication and access,” Jitu Patel, Cisco EVP and GM of security and collaboration, said in a statement. Bridges the gap.” statement.

“We are the first vendor to bring together identity, networking and security into an end-to-end solution to address the biggest cyber challenge of modern times,” he said.

The Cisco logo is displayed during GSMA’s 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​Spain on March 1, 2023. Reuters/Nacho Dosa (Reuters/Reuters)

According to Patel, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated means to get a hold of employees’ login credentials. In some cases, he said, attackers will call a company’s internal help center and, using a deepfake of an employee’s voice, ask help center staff to give the hacker login credentials, tricking them into believing they are a legitimate employee. .

This is a type of high-level attack that hackers can use to target critical infrastructure and major corporations. So don’t expect that someone will use it to access your Facebook account.

But in cases where an attacker is able to breach a corporate network using stolen credentials, Patel says Cisco Identity Intelligence will continue to monitor their actions for any suspicious activity. If, for…

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