Circuit Judge Tim McCourt will return to Marion County and take over Anthony Tatti’s case

Circuit Judge Tim McCourt will replace retired Circuit Judge Anthony Tatti.

McCourt, a former prosecutor for the 5th Judicial Circuit State’s Attorney’s Office and general counsel for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, is currently stationed in Lake County. Before McCourt comes to Marion, the governor must name his replacement for Lake County.

Until then, McCourt will continue to handle his case, consisting of guardianship, all restraining orders, mental health and domestic relations.

Circuit Judge Timothy McCourt

“I look forward to it (returning to Marion County). I will miss my assignments in Lake County,” the judge said.

Musical chairs

Retired Circuit Court Judge Willard Pope is expected to assume some of Tatti’s duties on April 1. Other judges are expected to join in overseeing some of the former judge’s workload.

Once McCourt arrives in Marion, he will be in charge of Tatti’s criminal case.

Willard Pope, retired circuit judge

Tatti, who will remain in the area, will serve as a defense attorney, working alongside his mentor Bill DeCarlis.

McCourt is no stranger to Lake County. From 2011 to 2013, the judge said, he worked in Lake County in private practice handling civil law, criminal defense and family law. McCourt said he knew most of the attorneys from his days working as a private attorney.

In December, Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed McCourt to fill the vacancy left by Circuit Judge Larry Metz. Circuit judges may sit anywhere in the 5th Judicial Circuit, whose member counties are Marion, Lake, Sumter, Citrus and Hernando.

Marissa Duquette, general counsel for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office

McCourt graduated from Florida State and then the University of Florida School of Law. He started his new job as a judge in Lake County in early January.

Sheriff’s officials said Marissa Duquette was the agency’s general counsel. Currently, they are looking for Duquette’s assistant.

Appointment: Marion Sheriff’s Office General Counsel Tim McCourt Appointed to Lake Judiciary…

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