Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas to receive knighthood and damehood

Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are the new Brits celebrities ready to become a knight and ladies in the United Kingdom for their services to the film industry, according to the Associated Press.

The new Oscar-winning director and producer of Oppenheimer won best photo at this year’s Oscars for their J. Robert Oppenheimer biopic, starring Cillian Murphy. The film won six other awards that night, including Best Actor for Murphy, Supporting Actor for Robert Downey Jr., and Directing for Nolan, among others. The famous filmmaker had already been nominated for Memento, Creation And Dunkirk.

Generally, the news of who will receive the honor of knighthood and ladyship is announced at the beginning of the year and on the birthday of King Charles III, since it is he who does the ennoblement. However, this honor is sometimes awarded after particular achievements, which would explain why Nolan and Thomas get it a few weeks after winning their Oscar.

The knighthood often takes place at a formal awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace by a British monarch himself. However, with King Charles currently taking a break from royal duties while he receives cancer treatment, it is unclear when the married couple and producing partners will receive their honors.

Nolan and Thomas first met at University College London, where they were both studying. Together they run their production company, Syncopy, and have four children. Through the company, they produced many of the filmmaker’s biggest hits, including the Batman trilogy, The Prestige, Interstellar And Principle.

During the best director speech at the Oscars, Nolan thanked Thomas, the “producer of all our films and all our children.”

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