Christina Applegate regrets not speaking openly about breast cancer

Christina Applegate talks about learning hard lessons when she had breast cancer in 2008.

THE Dead for me the actress arrested at Dax Shephard’s house Armchair expert podcast where she opened up about not being vulnerable and being honest about how she felt after her diagnosis and double mastectomy.

“I learned that lesson the hard way because in 2008, when I had breast cancer at 36, I came out and was the good girl who was like, ‘Oh, I love my new boobs who are all scarred and screwed up. .’ What was I thinking?” she says.

She explained that her first interview after learning she had cancer was with Robin Roberts, and that she lied the entire time about how she felt. Once it was over, she stood up and “literally fell against the wall.”

“Everything I said was a fucking lie,” Applegate continued. “I was trying to convince myself of something, and I don’t think it did anyone any favors. Yes, I immediately created a foundation. Yes, I did everything I had to do and we raised millions of dollars to make it possible for women who were at high risk to have MRIs. Yes, we did a good thing, but at the end of the day I was taking off my bra and crying every night. And I wish I had said that.

Besides coming across as a bit of a fraud, the Married with children The star shared that she didn’t want women who were going through what she was going through to think they had to be tougher or feel differently about what they were going through.

“I want that woman who feels that way to not say, ‘Oh, Christina Applegate, she loves her boobies.’ I didn’t like my boobies. I still don’t like my boobies. It’s horrible. I don’t have nipples. It’s not something I talk about…

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