Chiral gold nanoparticles increase vaccine efficacy by more than 25%, the study found TOU

Chiral gold nanoparticles increase vaccine efficacy by more than 25%, the study found


Chiral gold nanoparticles increase vaccine efficacy by more than 25%, the study found

The computational model of gold nanoparticles works with left-handed endeomers of cysteine ​​and phenylalanine. Credit: André Farias de Moura

According to an international joint study involving Brazilian researchers, vaccines can be made more than 25% effective by adding gold nanoparticles as a by-product with the left hand. An article reporting the results has been published Natural.

Three research groups collaborated on the study, one affiliated with the University of Michigan in the United States and the other with Jiangnan University in China. The Brazilian team was led by André Farias de Moura, a professor of chemistry at the Federal University of Sவோo Carlos (UFSCar) and researcher at the Center for Functional Materials Development (CDMF), one of the research, innovation and dissemination. Centers funded by FAPESP (RIDCs).

The study did not include the COVID-19 vaccine because it started long before the infection. The researchers used vaccines designed to combat a specific influenza virus strain. Although this is not a strain currently spreading in Brazil, in principle the results of any vaccination can be generalized, apparently through complementary studies in each case. The reason is that gold nanoparticles in the left hand are not an active ingredient, but a supplement that heals the recipient’s immune system.

“The key to understanding the contribution of these nanoparticles is the concept of chirality, which applies to an object or structure that cannot be exaggerated in its own mirror image,” Moura Agência told FAPESP.

Chirality is a type of asymmetry. The word is derived from the ancient Greek word khair, and the best example is precisely the difference between left hand and right hand. When we raise our hands in the mirror, the hand we see on the right is our left hand.

“Everything alive on earth is chiral. Ciral molecules can have completely different properties depending on whether they are left or right hand. Two chiral forms of the same molecule are called endometrium,” Maura said. “One tragic example is thalidomide, a drug prescribed for morning sickness in pregnant women in the late 1950s and 1960s. This led to the birth of children with a variety of defects.


Maura explained that research on nanoparticles has advanced enough to help scientists completely disassemble an endometrium. Natural Based on this possibility. “We started with gold nanoparticles, which are symmetrical and non-chrolytic. They are axillary.

Chiropractic is measured in “G-factor” ranging from minus two (-2) to plus two (+2). The process used in the study exceeded 0.4 for scientists and produced three nanoparticles: the original axial gold, the right-hand endeomer and the left-handed endeomer.

“Initially we tested the nanoparticles in human immune cells grown in vitro, and found that even in the absence of antigen the chiral nanoparticles stimulate the production of substances related to the immune response – any substance capable of stimulating antibody production. What does the helper in the vaccine do?”

Next, the researchers tested the nanoparticles in the influenza virus. “We found that the endometrium greatly improved the effectiveness of the vaccine,” Maura said. “In particular, the left-handed endometrium had a 25.8% increase in efficiency compared to the right-handed endometrium, and an even larger increase compared to the axial nanoparticles.”

Knowledge has been released and is available to anyone who wants to use it, Moura stressed. “Any vaccine maker can use it, including vaccines for the novel genres of SARS-CoV-2 or influenza. We are not vaccine makers, but we provide this basic knowledge as a new technology base. Who,” he said.

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                                        Use of chiral gold nanoparticles to enhance immunity
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                                            Enigomer-based immune response to chiral nanoparticles, by Liquang Xu et al. <i>Natural</i> (2022)  <a data-doi="1" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">DOI: 10.1038 / s41586-021-04243-2</a>


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