China is selling prisoners’ hearts, lungs and kidneys TOU

China is selling prisoners’ hearts, lungs and kidneys


China is selling prisoners’ hearts, lungs and kidneys

The horrific stories of man-to-man exploitation heard in China are unheard of anywhere else in the world. The communist government commits all kinds of oppressive acts against its own people. But now China has started smuggling the organs of its own citizens, giving a new definition of inhumanity. Recently the Australian National University Through your research Evidence has been presented that shows that prisoners sentenced to death in China and those held in prisons because of their ethnic or religious identity are used for human organ smuggling. Chinese government surgeons are operating on civilian and military hospitals to remove internal organs from such prisoners. Kidney / kidney, heart etc. of these prisoners are taken out.

Surprisingly, the report also states that organ transplants have been going on for the last 30 years. Surgery is used to kill prisoners who have been sentenced to death. Surgeons working for the government act like traditional killers. Records prepared by the Chinese government have declared such prisoners brain dead, meaning that on paper the condition of these prisoners is such that they are on a ventilator and cannot even breathe on their own. The government seeks to justify human trafficking by showing it to be morally dead.

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Doctors behave like government assassins

Engaged in the research, Mr Robertson said: “We do not know exactly how these prisoners would have died on the operating table. “In addition to discussing the methods of torture against prisoners, he said,” in which a prisoner is shot in the head (for surgery) before being taken to the hospital or given medicine to paralyze the prisoner. Injections are given. ”

To kill the prisoners, their hearts are taken out. “We learned that physicians had become executioners on behalf of the state, and that the (death penalty) method was to remove the heart (from the body),” Roberts explained. Many doctors and hospitals are involved in this work because of the economic benefits. “These surgeries are extremely beneficial to the doctors and hospitals associated with them.”

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According to the report

The report also suggests that China is dealing with prisoners who have been detained because of their different ethnic and religious identities. Everyone knows what kind of discrimination Uighur Muslims face in China’s Xinjiang province. It is possible that a large number of the prisoners mentioned in the research are Uighur Muslims.

China is an excellent example of a complete communist state where human rights are zero.

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