Cheyenne Police Department presents 2023 Outstanding Service Awards

Jan. 31—CHEYENNE — The Cheyenne Police Department presented more than a dozen awards Wednesday to officers and others who demonstrated exceptional service in 2023.

For his service in various property crimes and his involvement in the investigation of a fatal shooting in Lincoln Park in April of last year, former detective Mike Fernandez was recognized as Special Officer of the Year at the awards ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center. .

“He did a good job coordinating detective efforts with the investigation and was diligent in following up on leads,” a CPD official said of Fernandez’s work. “He was able to identify several individuals involved in the incident, and four suspects were arrested and charged for their participation. This (case is) just a sample of the dedicated work he did while he was a member of the detective bureau. He is dedicated and thorough in his investigations and truly cares about the victims in this community.

Fernandez is now a school resource officer with the Cheyenne Police Department.

The Officer of the Year award was presented to Officer Kaitlin Peterson for her work as a patrol officer, squad leader, field training officer and as a recent member of the squad anti-bomb ministry.

“He is an extremely reliable officer and can be trusted with any task,” one officer said of Peterson. “…The first time she supervised a patrol shift, a high-speed chase of a crime suspect occurred. The chase was complex and the suspect was apprehended. She did not back down from her responsibilities during such a trial by fire; instead, she thrived on the situation and proved herself to be an excellent leader.

The Civilian Department of the Year award went to Amy Dillon, who contributed to the department’s ability to recruit and “streamline” its hiring process.

Harriett “Binney” Stevenson received the Volunteer of the Year award for her 25 years of service with the Cheyenne Police Department’s Citizens on Patrol program. Stevenson had…

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