Charges filed against man who allegedly threatened NY AG, civil judge for fraud

WASHINGTON — New York State Police have filed charges against a man they say sent threatening messages to the judge. Arthur Engoron and Attorney General of New York Letitia Jamesa person with direct knowledge of the matter told NBC News.

Engoron presided over former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, in which Trump and his company executives were fined more than $464 million. judgment for fraud. James brought the case for fraud.

Tyler Vogel, 26, of Lancaster, New York, faces a criminal charge for allegedly making a terroristic threat against James after finding her information online and threatening to kill or harm her if she didn’t give up his lawsuits against Trump, the source said.

Vogel faces a separate charge for allegedly making a terrorist threat by sending a message to Engoron, the person said. He was also charged with two counts of second-degree aggravated harassment, which constitutes a misdemeanor, for the threats.

In his message to Engoron, Vogel reportedly said he would attack the judge if Trump were to be jailed or his assets seized in connection with the case. The New York man also called Engoron’s actions un-American and said Trump was innocent, the source claimed.

It is unclear when Vogel’s next day in court will be or whether he has pleaded guilty.

Neither Engoron’s nor James’ offices immediately responded to NBC News’ requests for comment Wednesday evening.

Engoron and James have faced repeated threats for their work on the Trump civil fraud case. NBC News Previously reported that Engoron received an envelope containing white powder in February, triggering an emergency response at his New York courthouse. Engoron was not exposed to the substance.

In January, police responded to a bomb alert at Engoron. James also said that people threatened his life.

The former president has repeatedly criticized Engoron and James and denounced the multimillion-dollar judgment against him.

Trump issued a $175 million bond Monday after…

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