CCSO searches for motorist who hit K-9

Feb. 8 — There is no evidence at this time that the loss of a second K-9 dog killed in the line of duty was intentional, but Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigators would like to speak to the motorist involved to find out why the driver. failed to stop at the scene after striking and killing the drug detection dog.

The event took place shortly before 8 a.m. Saturday on the highway. 70 N. near the intersection with Bent Tree Rd. near the Putnam County line

Deputy K-9 Josh Matthews and Deputy K-9 Shadow had just completed their training and were completing their first week on duty together. At the end of the shift Saturday, K-9 Deputy Shadow was in the process of being transferred to an indoor kennel when the young dog suddenly ran away from his partner, crossing Highway 70 N and continuing toward the north in the ditch parallel to the highway.

As a vehicle approached, the dog suddenly crossed the road and was struck by the oncoming motorist.

Matthews wrote in his report that the dark-colored sedan made no attempt to slow down before impact, nor to stop once the K-9 was struck.

The impact left marks at the scene as the motorist continued north. K-9 Shadow was dead at the scene.

In a press release issued by the sheriff’s office, Sheriff Casey Cox “expressed the department’s deep regret over the loss of Deputy Shadow and expressed gratitude for his unwavering service to our community.”

Investigators are trying to identify the vehicle and driver who left the scene of the accident.

The news release asks anyone with information about the incident to contact investigators at 931-484-6176.

In August 2017, Crossville Police Department K-9 Cain was stabbed to death by a fleeing suspect on Genesis Rd.

The person charged in the incident pleaded guilty to six years in prison under a multi-count sentencing agreement and was ordered to pay restitution to CPD.

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