‘Caliph’ Erdogan officially declared a ‘unilateral dictatorship’ in Turkey TOU

‘Caliph’ Erdogan officially declared a ‘unilateral dictatorship’ in Turkey

Serious economic Crisis And Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing to regain full control of the country as his election rating drops. According to reports, before next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections, Erdogan wants to criminalize the entire opposition, which in turn ‘One-party dictatorship’ (One-party dictatorship). Al-Monitor reports According to Erdogan, the protests “The country’s biggest problem” And campaigning to portray the main opposition leader and his allies as linked to a terrorist group and anti-Islam. The most popular leader of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Istanbul Mayor Ikram Imamoglu is on President Erdogan’s hit list.

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Protest Is made for Terrorist Compassion No. Shape In Painted

Ikram Imamoglu is on the voting rating chart because of his clean image and ethics Continuous Moving on. Fearing that Erdogan could become an obstacle in the future, the Interior Ministry last month indicted him on terrorism charges. Internal Minister Suleiman Soylu has accused more than 500 employees of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) of being linked to terrorist groups. However, the ministry remained silent when Imamoglu asked for a list of names.

Erdogan understands that the judicial way to oust Imamoglu should not be backfired, as the public is currently on his side. That is why the President of Turkey is slowly trying to change the perception of the people by making inflammatory allegations. Erdogan hopes that this assumption will stick to him and that people will begin to doubt him.

When asked whether Imamoglu and others protested Giants Ali Oztank, CHP’s deputy chairperson, said: “They can entertain themselves with such intentions, but will not dare to move forward, because in a democracy the people and the people’s vote are important. In the elections in Ankara and Istanbul the people expressed their will. They will do the same in the general elections.”

Erdogan No. If the last Rum

Erdogan’s last game, regardless of the opposition Terrorism Even if the strategy of alliance with the United States does not work, this strategy will lead Turkey to control the dictatorship and reject the concept of democracy. Said a political critic “The AKP-MHP alliance, regardless of CHP’s presidential candidate [एर्दोगन के गठबंधन दल] To that person Terrorism Will try to join and create an election strategy based on stories. This will prove fatal to the democratic existence of the nation and the security of the state.

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It is worth mentioning that Erdogan is new Caliph It is dreaming of becoming an Ottoman Empire and reviving it, and it is pushing Turkey into an ongoing diplomatic war against Saudi Arabia. Not only that, Erdogan, the supremacy of Saudi Change And also tries to lead the Ummah.

However, epidemics, numerous conflicts and a sinking economy have ensured that Erdogan will not become caliph of even the smallest province of Turkey, leaving the entire Muslim world alone. Erdogan’s turnout has plummeted amid economic turmoil, severe currency devaluations, skyrocketing prices and growing allegations of corruption and nepotism in the AKP ranks. On the other hand, popular CHP leader Imamoglu and Ankara mayor and CHP member Mansur Yawas have seen significant increases in popularity.

Danger In Is Turkey No. Economy

Let me tell you that the Turkish economy is currently in a recession. Turkey constantly Inflation And its currency – the lira – is on its deathbed. Erdogan has consistently lowered interest rates, the main reason for the lira’s collapse. Low interest rates have made loans affordable in Turkey and practically anyone can take advantage of them. This has led to a surge in the Turkish economy.

The lira lost half its value due to inflation and the currency became extremely cheap. Prices have risen and people do not have enough cash to meet their daily needs. The people of Turkey are becoming increasingly poor. Turkey’s GDP per capita was, 12,582 in 2013, which has now dropped to just $ 8,538.

Turkey lost because of Erdogan’s madness Fantasy Allied Pakistan was included in the FATF’s gray-list. A mad dictator with dreams of becoming a caliph is now reaching the lowest levels of nationalism and politics to fulfill his dreams, even if it affects the democratic system of Turkey!

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