California in Google Investments and Expansions: New Report TOU

California in Google Investments and Expansions: New Report


California in Google Investments and Expansions: New Report

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The search agency said in a blog post Wednesday that Google will include $ 9.5 billion in new offices and other facilities and initiatives in California by 2022 for nationwide expansion and investment.

Tech Titan has been busy building a line of office centers in the Gulf and elsewhere in California, showing that the company is making progress with plans to return to the office following the outbreak of the corona virus.

“In California, we will continue to invest in our offices and support affordable housing efforts in the Bay Area as part of our $ 1 billion housing commitment,” the Google blog post said.

Based on Mountain View, Google is constructing two large office buildings in Mountain View, which will serve as major extensions to and near the company’s iconic Google Flex.

Charleston East, at the corner of Charleston Road and North Shoreline Boulevard on Mountain View, is in the final stages of construction.

Nearby, the company builds the Bay View campus on the grounds of NASA’s Ames Research Center on 100 Bay View Drive in Mountain View.

Google is making progress with significant enhancements in Sunnyvale and San Jose.

San Jose development sites include the new mixed utility environment of offices, homes, shops and restaurants known as Downtown West in the central business district of San Jose. Google is also planning new office space in northern San Jose.

Google released its 2021 economic report on Wednesday, which reflects Google’s broader impact on the economy.

“The report shows that last year we helped provide $ 617 billion in economic activity to millions of American businesses, nonprofits, creators, developers and publishers,” the Google blog post said. “The Android app economy helped create nearly 2 million jobs last year.”

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                                        Google tracks hundreds of downtown San Jose homes on the Transit Station site
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