By resorting to military means on peaceful demonstrations, only increase violence TOU

By resorting to military means on peaceful demonstrations, only increase violence

By resorting to military means on peaceful demonstrations, only increase violence

Clement Wale, the UN special rapporteur on the right to peaceful assembly and organization, presented a report to the Human Rights Council on Monday stating that governments in many countries, instead of seeing peaceful demonstrations as a democratic way of participation, often resort to demonstrations. And to suppress the voices of the people, they resort to repression.

Special Reporter Clement Wale said that the use of military means to suppress peaceful demonstrations around the world has led to an increase in violence and human rights abuses.

The Special Reporter reports that governments around the world are deploying military personnel and using military-style methods to suppress peaceful protests, while in some cases military courts have been set up to prosecute peaceful protesters. Has also been used.

Special Reporter Clement Wale warns that the adoption of this method has resulted in an increase in violence and tensions and human rights abuses, as well as an increase in the sense of impunity for peaceful demonstrations.

Harassment of women

He said that in the policing of demonstrations, the use of military methods in particular, women protesters are often harassed, who also face sexual abuse as a weapon of silence.

The report also outlines the disturbing trends in response to peaceful demonstrations in crisis situations, including the widespread stigmatization of protest movements.

“Governments of countries present demonstrations as a risk to stability and a factor in the onset of crisis. These arguments are then used to suppress demonstration movements. ”

Use of a bullet to kill

Special Reporter Clement Walley stated that government officials, in response to the protests, were issuing flat shooting orders.

Some less lethal weapons have also been misused to cause serious injuries to protesters or even death. These abuses must be stopped immediately and the countries must create favorable conditions for peaceful demonstrations.

He called on countries to ensure that people, just to exercise their basic freedom of peaceful assembly, are not prosecuted, not illegally arrested, not criminalized, not persecuted, They should not be killed or harmed.

Special Reporter Clement Wale said that it has become common for governments of countries to impose long-term and repressive sanctions to suppress peaceful protests, which Covid-19 Have increased even more during the epidemic.

He stated in a statement that “the imposition of a state of emergency does not open the door for countries to commit human rights abuses.”

Human rights responsibilities

UN human rights experts say that no matter what crisis countries face, even in times of emergency or war, they are bound by their human rights responsibilities. Where the right to peaceful assembly is fully enjoyed, peaceful, democratic, rights-respecting societies thrive.

The report by the independent human rights expert states that due to the emergency measures taken by the countries to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic, another layer of government sanctions has been added.

He said, “Ordinary people express their grievances through demonstrations about the impact of crisis situations on their lives. Demonstrating is an exercise in their fundamental rights. ”

Listen to the protesters

Special Reporter Clement Walley urged all countries to negotiate with the protesters, listen to their concerns and find solutions to the root causes of the crisis.

He said that the governments of the countries, by creating a conducive environment for peaceful demonstrations and listening to their legitimate demands, can adopt more responsible and equitable policies, which are more likely to resolve crises.

Special Reporters appointed by the UN Human Rights Council are part of a special process of independent human rights experts to look at issues or situations in a particular country.

These human rights specialists are not UN staff, nor do they receive any salary from the UN. They work in their personal capacity.

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