Buzz Update Xinhua Asia Pacific News Summary 1600 GMT, April 17 TOU

Buzz Update Xinhua Asia Pacific News Summary 1600 GMT, April 17


Xinhua Asia Pacific News Summary 1600 GMT, April 17

Colombo – The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on Sunday opposed the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to close the stock market for five working days.

By closing the stock market, the chamber said, potential sellers will be prevented from exiting the market at the time and price they choose, and potential buyers will be barred from acquiring shares. (Sri Lanka-Stock Market Closure-Opposition)


Yangon – Myanmar reopened Yangon International Airport on Sunday, two years after the country suspended all commercial flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An airport official told Xinhua that the plane was the first to touch the airport since the Singapore Airlines flight reopened at 9am (0230 GMT) on Sunday. (Myanmar-International Airport-Reopening)


PHNOM PENH – Cambodia’s three-day traditional New Year’s, or Songkron festival, ended with 4.59 million people traveling to various tourist attractions, Tourism Minister Thong Khon said on Sunday.

Khon said there were a total of 28,849 foreign tourists.

“All the tourist destinations are open and attracting groups of tourists,” he said in a report. “The number of tourists during the three – day New Year’s holiday this year is comparable to the pre – Kovid-19 New Year celebrations, which saw 4.72 million tourists in 2019.” (Cambodia-New Year-Travel)


KABUL – Afghanistan received $ 32 million in humanitarian aid on Sunday as the international community continued to provide humanitarian aid to the post-war country, according to the country’s central bank.

Dr Afghanistan Bank said on Twitter that “32 million USD in cash arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday, April 17, 2022, following a series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.” (Afghanistan-International Assistance)


HONG KONG – Patrick Nip, Secretary of the Civil Service of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, has urged people to take their third and fourth doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in a timely manner.

In Hong Kong, first- and second-dose vaccination rates for people aged three or older have reached 90 percent and 80 percent, respectively, according to NIP on social media. (Hong Kong-COVID-19 Vaccine-Call)

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