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Buzz Update What to do when things are terribly wrong


What to do when things are terribly wrong

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My eldest daughter, Ashley, got married earlier this year. The wedding took place in a small venue near the sea in Southern California. I had an experience during the wedding that was a great lesson to businessmen everywhere.

When everything around them is done right they are a sign to the good team that they are doing their job well, but when what is not under their control is completely wrong it is a sign to the great team that they are doing their job well – yet, they will find. A solution. Finding solutions to unexpected problems is a strength for any business.

Two hours before my daughter’s wedding, a vehicle removed the surrounding transformer and the stage lost all power. It turned out to be a disaster in the making. However, the manager went to the hardware store and bought several generators, his team came on stage in a timely manner.

While the wedding team was mad that it had lost power, the manager and his team were calm and positive that everything would be fine with the world. His confidence in his team flowed into the wedding ceremony. There is a lot to learn from an entrepreneur or manager who can respond to a serious problem while maintaining their composure in the midst of an evolving crisis.

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The platform brought back electricity with the generators they collected. Everything seemed ready to go. The power came on just minutes before the wedding was to begin. The guests were in their chairs and music was played for me to take my daughter down the aisle. Then, everyone stood to watch the bride before I turned the corner to take her to the groom where I was waiting for the bride – and then, the power went out again. I looked to my right and saw a group of people running from the stage to the generators and tackling the latest challenge in seconds.

With that, the music started again. The people remained the same. The stage went up to bring all of us into this moment. Now, any bride is crazy at this point and my beautiful daughter is definitely in that headspace. As I led her down the aisle, I tried to do what any father would do: help her forget her nerves. I felt her arm tremble as we made our first steps. I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Have you ever wondered why you park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?”

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At that moment it was a random statement, she looked at me curiously and said, “What?” Andi.

I replied, “Or, why are you sending cargo by ship and cargo by car?”

The sheer coincidence of these questions began to make her laugh. People had to wonder what I was talking to her to make her laugh. As we approached her groom, I finally ended with a question, “Why call them an apartment when everyone is stuck together?”

At this point, she was no longer insane, and when I kissed her cheek she got a big smile on her face, I love her and handed her over to her groom. She was beautiful, calm and very happy.

It is very difficult to do everything right when things are going smoothly. How they react when serious challenges are going on around them is a test that tests team performance.

Lessons from this story:

  • Stay calm during a crisis and give your clients a sense of calm.
  • Have faith in your team (i.e. you have to have a good team).
  • Do not focus on the problem – focus on the solution.
  • Take action quickly to implement that solution.

Oh, and if all this happens before you go to the aisle to marry your daughter, take her mind off the mess and have some fun. This last bit of advice will work in most situations in your life and in your business.

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