Buzz Update The Maha Congress blamed the Center for the lack of coal supply TOU

Buzz Update The Maha Congress blamed the Center for the lack of coal supply


The Maha Congress blamed the Center for the lack of coal supply

Maharashtra Congress president Nana Patole on Friday said that the power crisis in the state was due to non-supply of coal by the central government.

Although the Union Coal Minister had directed the states to import coal, Patole said that those imports would only benefit the friends of BJP industrialists and make electricity more expensive.

“The Union Coal Minister has advised the states to import coal. However, when coal is imported, it will only benefit some industrialist friends of the BJP and it will make electricity more expensive and ordinary consumers will have to bear its burden,” he said. Accused.

The Congress leader said allegations of corruption in the allocation of coal mines during the UPA regime were later proved to be false.

The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had a vision and was ready to give power to the energy ministry. But he said the Modi government had not created a new coal mine during its tenure, adding that it was a privatization conspiracy.

When asked about the use of loudspeakers on mosques, Patel alleged that some parties were trying to enhance their political interests by raising the issue of loudspeakers on mosques.

“When loudspeakers are used in places of worship of all religions, why are you targeting a particular religion? The constitution does not teach you to hate any religion,” the former speaker said.

He said religious forces should not try to provoke another religion against one religion and that there were attempts to create a religious rift in Maharashtra and action should be taken against such people.

Talking about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai, Patole said a date for it has not been finalized yet.

During his visit to Mumbai, Gandhi will meet Congress MLAs, ministers and party office bearers. Patole said the visit was important for coordination between the MVA constituencies and the implementation of a joint minimum program formulated by the parties.


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