Buzz Update Scholz: Russia will not Win its War in Ukraine TOU

Buzz Update Scholz: Russia will not Win its War in Ukraine

Scholz: Russia will not Win its War in Ukraine

“Russia will not win its war in Ukraine, and the terms of any peace should not be dictated by Russian President Vladimir Putin”. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“So far, Putin has failed to achieve any of his strategic goals, and he will only negotiate seriously for peace if he realizes that he cannot break through Ukraine’s defenses,” the German chancellor said.

Scholz reiterated that Germany will diversify its energy imports to reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels and advocate globalization and multilateralism in the face of food and supply chain crises.

“We must make sure that the necessary diversification does not become an excuse for isolation, customs barriers and protectionism. Deglobalisation is not the right way, it will not work,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities have rejected claims by the United States and the European Union that Moscow is blocking grain exports from Ukraine. Russia claims that the sanctions imposed on it are the cause of the problems with the export of raw materials from Ukraine.

Kyiv, in turn, accuses Moscow of taking hundreds of tons of Ukrainian wheat from the occupied territories.

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