Buzz Update Private companies can now lease over 3,200 hectares of non-minus coal land TOU

Buzz Update Private companies can now lease over 3,200 hectares of non-minus coal land


Private companies can now lease over 3,200 hectares of non-minus coal land

The private sector is now eligible to lease mining out or de-cold land from Coal India to develop coal and energy related infrastructure. More than 3,200 hectares of such lands are available so far.

These are lands acquired by Coal India and its subsidiaries under the Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition & Development) Act, 1957, known as the CBA Act for coal mining activities. However, they are mined or practically unsuitable for coal mining, subject to unauthorized encroachment and have avoidable costs on safety and maintenance.

On April 13, the Union Cabinet approved a policy to utilize such land in the development and establishment of coal and energy infrastructure.

Opens up many possibilities

“Central and state PSUs were allowed in the past and now even the private sector can lease land,” said a senior government official. Businessline. Furthermore, he clarified that this was not a real estate decision intended to free up large tracts of land.

Explaining the benefits of this .. He said that there are power plants next to the coal mine. “If a private power plant wants to set up a conveyor belt to reduce the cost of transporting coal, it is not allowed to lay a conveyor belt there because it is a private company, but now it is possible,” he said.

We can also change the land with the job. Also, due to legal issues we were unable to lease such lands to the state government for afforestation, but now it is possible. The official said the washer, which has not been possible so far, could be set up by the private sector.

The government company that owns the land leases such land for a specified period under the policy and entities are selected for leasing through a transparent, fair and competitive bid process and mechanism to achieve the right value.

Land acquisition under the CBA Act or other Land Acquisition Act may be considered for activities such as setting up of coal washers / conveyor systems, setting up of coal handling plants, construction of railway siding, resettlement and rehabilitation of project affected families.

Land can also be considered for setting up or setting up thermal and renewable power projects, providing infrastructure for coal development, including compensation afforestation, providing the right of way, setting up coal gasification and coal for chemical plants, or setting up for fuel. – Relevant infrastructure.

‘No resident colonies’

“These lands will not be used to develop a residential colony or an industrial complex,” the official said. He outlined a new approach that could now create energy-related infrastructure and assets on land that holds coal that is no longer useful to the joint venture or the private sector.

The government says unlocking such non-minus land for other purposes will help Coal India reduce its operating costs as it can set up other projects such as solar plants by adopting coal-related infrastructure and diversification. Business models with private sector participation. This makes coal gasification projects viable as there is no need to transport coal to distant places.

The proposal to use the land for resettlement purposes ensures proper use of the land and eliminates the waste of all important land resources, eliminates the need to acquire fresh land for the rehabilitation of project affected families, and eliminates the additional financial burden on projects. , And increase profit, it added.


April 17, 2022

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