Buzz Update Hatred, bigotry, intolerance, lies will destroy society if not stopped: Sonia Gandhi TOU

Buzz Update Hatred, bigotry, intolerance, lies will destroy society if not stopped: Sonia Gandhi


Hatred, bigotry, intolerance, lies will destroy society if not stopped: Sonia Gandhi

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has alleged that hatred, bigotry and intolerance surround the country and if not curbed, it will cause irreparable damage to the society.

In a newspaper article, she called on the people not to allow this to continue and to stop the “tsunami of this fierce fire and hatred that is destroying everything that previous generations have worked so hard to build”.

“Apocalypse of hatred, bigotry, intolerance and untruth surrounds our country today. If we do not stop it now, it will – if it does not happen already – damage our society irreparably. Allow it to continue. Can’t wait to see, “she told The Indian Express.

“Stop this raging fire, this tsunami of hatred, before all the hard work of past generations has collapsed,” Gandhi wrote.

She quoted Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’, saying that its verses were now “all-encompassing and resonant.”

“For more than a century, the Indian nationalist poet has presented to the world his immortal ‘Gitanjali’, perhaps the most famous and most frequently quoted verse. ”

In the article “A Virus Rage”, “Should India be in a state of permanent polarity?” Asked the Congress chief.

She alleged that the ruling party clearly wanted Indian citizens to believe that such an environment would benefit them.

“Whether it is clothing, food, faith, festivals or language, Indians want to fight against Indians and every encouragement to the forces of dissent – openly and secretly is given. History – ancient and contemporary – is constantly striving. It can be understood to promote partisan hostility and revenge.” She stated.

Her article comes in the wake of clashes at Jawaharlal Nehru University over the violence on the occasion of Hijab Rose, Rama Navami and the provision of meat in a hostel mess on this occasion.

Instead of using resources to create a brighter, new future for the country and to engage young people in productive activities, Gandhi accused them of “using time and valuable assets to rebuild in the present. The imagined past”.

Noting that there has been a lot of talk from the Prime Minister about recognizing India’s diversity, she said the “harsh reality” is that under governance, the great diversity that has defined and enriched society over the centuries is “being manipulated to divide us and worse, to harden and stabilize more firmly”.

“The growing hoard of hatred, the covert incitement of aggression and crime against minorities are far removed from the positive, contemporary traditions in our society.”

The Congress chief alleged that “there is another insidious part of this new, great partition plan to keep India in a state of perpetual mania. There are all sorts of dissent and opinions against those in power. They are being ruthlessly suffocated. They are targeting political opponents and throwing the full power of the state apparatus at them.” .

Activists are being threatened and silenced when social media is used exclusively to “promote what can only be described as lies and poison,” she said in the article.

“Fear, deception and intimidation have become the cornerstones of the strategy of ‘maximum governance, minimum government’,” Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi shared a screenshot of the article on Twitter, saying, “Every Indian pays the price for the hatred fueled by the BJP-RSS.

Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge shared an online link to Sonia Gandhi’s article on a microblogging site and said, “Hate and hostility prevail in the country, which is constantly fueled by the ruling BJP.


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