Buzz Update Govt bans export of onion seeds with immediate effect TOU

Buzz Update Govt bans export of onion seeds with immediate effect 

Govt bans export of onion seeds with immediate effect

The government banned the export of onion seeds with immediate effect as per a notification issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade on Friday.

“The export policy of onion seeds has been put under ‘restricted’ category with immediate effect,” said Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Director General of Foreign Trade in a notification dated May 13.

Bharat Dighole, President, of Maharashtra State Onion Growers’ Association has welcomed the government’s step saying that it will help farmers to get quality seeds.

“In the last few seasons, bogus onion seeds have flooded the market, and quality onion seeds have been exported. The government has taken the right step and this will help to enhance onion production, ”said Dighole adding that the government must not put restrictions on onion export.

“We can produce good quality onion and export it to other countries and for that, we need quality seeds. So ban on onion seeds will help farmers, but a ban on onion exports will hurt, ”he added.

Ample quantity available

However, seed industry players and seed growers are not happy. One of the members associated with the industry told BusinessLine that the onion seed is available in ample quantity and in the last few years majority of farmers are cultivating their own seeds.

“We have seeds that can cater to the needs of farmers in India and neighboring countries. The export ban will have an impact on seed companies. Farmer producer companies have produced their own seed banks, seed companies have brought in their seed in the market and hence the government’s decision is surprising, ”he said requesting anonymity.

Experts say that considering the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka and the Russia-Ukraine war’s impact on the economy, the government wants to keep control of the inflation of essential commodities like onion and ensure that the commodity is available ample in the market.

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May 14, 2022


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