Buzz Update Etsy vendors are next door to forming a labor union TOU

Buzz Update Etsy vendors are next door to forming a labor union


Etsy vendors are next door to forming a labor union

Etsy vendors boycotting the arts and crafts site due to fees are now considering forming a union.

The 30% fee increase went into effect on April 11 on Etsy, the Fed-up sellers at the time Deportation The platform argues that basic fees more than double within four years.

The boycott was so successful – with more than 100,000 vendors and supporters signing the petition by Monday – that the organizers are considering forming a union.

Christie Cassidy, who led the boycott, told CNBC that sellers had put their stores in “vacation mode,” which was a recent organizing effort at Starbucks stores and an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, prompting sellers to create their own plans.

She said several trade unions had recently approached her.

Etsy sellers have put their online stores in “vacation mode” in support of the boycott.
A man is putting together jewelry made with beads.
Most ETC stores are run by women.
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“The crazy thing is, I didn’t even realize how many people there agreed with me,” Cassidy told CNBC. “It was a very big, eye-opening experience to see how much all the other people on this platform who are trying to live with me agree and how much my customers support me.”

Etsy said the extra revenue from the fee increase will help marketers increase its customer support. Vendors have long complained that it is difficult to communicate with Etsy and that their complaints are rarely resolved.

According to the expulsion petition, “Etsy has been further away from its founding vision for years”. “What began as an experiment in marketplace democracy is similar to the dictatorial relationship between the faceless technological empire and the exploited, majority-women artists.”

Assortment of beads.
The boycott ends on April 18.
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Etsy, based in Brooklyn, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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