Buzz Update ‘Crazy Alone’ Musk is pushing Major on Twitter bid – but now he’s facing federal heat TOU

Buzz Update ‘Crazy Alone’ Musk is pushing Major on Twitter bid – but now he’s facing federal heat


‘Crazy Alone’ Musk is pushing Major on Twitter bid – but now he’s facing federal heat

Now I understand why he calls me “Crazy Elon”.

The bankers who cover Elon Musk – electric-car, space-travel and now, perhaps, social-media impresario – tell me that long before he made the improbable $ 43 billion bid, his own board members came up with that name a few years ago. For Twitter.

This was while he was juggling 10 things at once, such as opening new factories, avoiding short sellers and regulators, and keeping his EV car company Tesla from going bankrupt.

When it was over, Kasturi was insane with foresight. His bid to buy Twitter, the most powerful media platform that exists today, and to take over the progressive social-media establishment will increase his reputation among his many admirers.

A few years ago it was hard to believe that Musk had received heat from the Securities and Exchange Commission for tweeting that he was sleeping on the Tesla factory floor, cracking down on critics on social media and that he was taking Tesla. Private at $ 420 per share.

It’s a huge premium on Tesla’s then – stock price, which plummeted because investors really thought it was Musk certified and his company is producing fugitive cars and foggy earnings. To get out of the jam, Elon had to pay some money to the Fed and promised not to tweet too much. Meanwhile, Tesla simply could not go bankrupt and Elon just seemed to keep himself away from the Looney Bin.

What happened next in American entrepreneurial history: Musk, for all his weirdness, confused critics. He streamlined his factories, built more EVs and made Tesla more profitable. In the midst of all this, he launched rockets into space. He smoked with Joe Rogan, which caused his US security clearance to be revoked. But it made him a legend with the cannabis gang, just as it turned him into a hero with cryptocurrencies in digital currencies.

He still has fans

He created a satellite internet venture and a company that wants to create super-speed transport through tunnels so that people can travel with some time and expense and I’m sure some things will be left out. .

This file photo, taken on October 26, 2020, shows the logo of the US social network Twitter displayed on a smartphone and tablet screen in Toulouse, southern France.
Elon Musk has made a $ 43 million bid to take over Twitter.

Meanwhile, his tweets that got him into trouble have now brought him new fans, often from the right, and he has once again rebuilt himself as a free-speech advocate from Tech Vision. He called on Twitter to censor conservatives. He also took on progressives who believed his EVs would save the world. Musk was not afraid to admit that we needed to drill and produce those gas guzzlers to help the working class who could not afford his goods work every day.

He angered the left, continued to harass the SEC (he never complied with their tweeting rules) but built the brand into an iconoclast. Tesla stock rises. Musk became 100 times more billionaire.

The market did not seem to care if the spread was too thin. Investors are now betting that he may be crazy but that he can save the world from climate disaster and much more.

Proof that Crazy Elon has not suddenly become a cultural icon is appearing in “Saturday Night Live”. It’s a bit awkward, and sometimes a little weird; His South African accent is often not translated into comedy. But he came across as self-denying, sometimes funny and awkward.

The X-Falcon 9 rocket carrying the crew dragon spacecraft was launched on April 8, 2022 at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States.
Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, while his spaceX venture is offering private astronauts to the atmosphere.
Joel Kawski / NASA / Xinhua by Zuma Press

Aim on his back

Perhaps because of that, Musk is a more outrageous nonconformist (and he’s even more crazy in his attempt to buy the ubiquitous social-media outfit he calls the “real town square” on Twitter), government overseers let it leak to me and the Fox business Eleanor Terret That musk was at their crossroads.

A source close to the matter said that his old friends in the Securities and Exchange Commission and now the Justice Department have launched a US investigation into Musk’s business activities.

Not sure what they’ve looking for, but here’s some evidence: Lawyers say he did not file proper paperwork when he collected his 9% + stake on Twitter; He may not come clean in advance with the intention of trying to take over the whole company. (Remember how he was on the Twitter board for a hot minute, which prevented the takeover?)

Elon Musk is now on the rise after opening a $ 1.1 billion manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas on April 7, 2022, after almost bankruptcing Tesla in 2018.
Jay Genre / Austin American-Statesman by AP

He appears to be violating his settlement with the SEC over his tweet and there have always been questions about the accuracy with which he revealed EV production rates.

These can be sued on Musk. But he is not behaving like a man who fears he has done something wrong. The corporate state in which he awoke (and the SEC he called “bastards” last week), as I understand it, at least now provoked the demos that control Congress and the various federal regulatory agencies.

Are they looking to divert Elon from owning the most important social-media platform on the planet? Vladimir is a politician hated more by the left than Putin, are they afraid he will get Donald Trump back on Twitter? Are they worried that those on the left will get the same billing when running the Elon show?

You know the answers to those questions, so you shouldn’t be surprised if Crazy Elon is in Crosshire.

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