Buzz Update CM Yogi says talks are underway to transform UP economy into $ 1 trillion economy – 5 in 5 years TOU

Buzz Update CM Yogi says talks are underway to transform UP economy into $ 1 trillion economy – 5 in 5 years


CM Yogi says talks are underway to transform UP economy into $ 1 trillion economy – 5 in 5 years

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that whenever Prime Minister Modi talks about transforming the country’s economy into a $ 5 trillion economy, it will transform UP into a $ 1 trillion economy. CM Yogi has also taken a strong step in this direction in the last term, Corona has certainly worked to put a lot of obstacles in his path. Despite this, Yogi did not give up his goal and even during the Kovid period he was given bumper employment and brought huge investments to the state. In Yogi 2.0, the CM convened to turn the UP economy into $ 1 trillion. The Chief Minister finalized the strategy in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

5 Crore job opportunities
The Chief Minister said that in order to achieve the $ 01 trillion economy target, large-scale investment in the state should be attracted. Investments should provide large-scale employment opportunities. UP will have to work in coordination by setting up a team to transform it into a $ 1 trillion economy in the next five years. In addition, 5 crore employment opportunities should be created in the next 5 years so that the available human resources can be utilized to achieve this goal. For this to work, everyone must carry out their responsibilities with team spirit.

Focus on the food processing sector
“To transform Uttar Pradesh into a $ 01 trillion economy, we are identifying sectors and preparing human resources accordingly,” he said. Agriculture plays an important role in achieving this goal. The strength of Uttar Pradesh is the same. So agriculture should be the basis for the economic self-sufficiency of the people. Focus on the food processing sector. Increase productivity by integrating traditional agriculture with technology. For this, the agricultural activities of the farmers need to be linked with science. He said the state government had set up a large number of FPOs with the aim of promoting activities related to agriculture. Cold chains are being set up across the state for storage of agricultural produce.

High demand for herbal products
Yogi said there is a lot of demand for herbal products in the society. Under such circumstances, AYUSH doctors along with farmers can take the cultivation of herbs in a scientific manner and make it profitable. Products made with these can be used at self-established wellness centers. This can lead to large-scale employment.

Big job opportunities in the field of religious tourism
The Chief Minister said that Prayagraj Kumbh-2019 has made great strides in making Uttar Pradesh a leading state in the field of tourism. The state has immense opportunities for religious tourism, eco-tourism, heritage tourism, wildlife tourism and more. This can lead to large-scale employment. Apart from tourism, a large number of people from Bihar and Jharkhand states and neighboring Nepal come to Uttar Pradesh for shopping and treatment. By focusing on this fact, employment can be created on a large scale by creating tourism facilities.

What is the account of UP economy?
Now if you look at the UP economy, it is around Rs 19 lakh crore. Five years later, by 2027, it aims to reach 1 trillion, or about 76 trillion. This means that the target is to quadruple the UP economy in the next five years, but this target is going to be very difficult, as the UP economy is projected to grow from 9.4 trillion in 2014 to 19.1 trillion in 2022. That is the fact that the UP economy has only doubled in the last 8 years. This means that it will become very difficult to achieve a $ 1 trillion economy in just five years, because statistics show that the economy has only doubled in 8 years, and then aims to grow it. Four times in the next five years it will not look easy.

Investment status in UP
Foreign investment in 2017-18 was Rs. 578 crore, down from just 234 crore in 2018-19. However, the huge growth and foreign investment in the year 2019-21 was Rs. 5758 crores. He said the Yogi government was trying to attract more foreign investment as well as domestic investors, adding that the CM should send a message to the leading business community in the country at the swearing-in ceremony. UP economy .. The UP government is very serious about reaching a trillion dollars.

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