Buzz Update Baskin-Robbins is releasing 3 new flavors and ice cream-themed items TOU

Buzz Update Baskin-Robbins is releasing 3 new flavors and ice cream-themed items


Baskin-Robbins is releasing 3 new flavors and ice cream-themed items

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For the first time in the company’s 77 – year history, Baskin-Robbins is launching a full range of merchandise to commemorate its recent glow-up, with the new tagline “Siege the Yoy”. The campaign has been at the forefront of Baskin’s decades of history for sweet treats and entertainment, encouraging its customers to rejoice in the small successes of everyday life.

“Small moments that evoke happiness are often granted” Says Gerrid Grandinetti, VP of Baskin-Robbins Marketing and Cuisine. “We encourage people to pause and celebrate any moment of joy with the Baskin-Robbins.”

Although the company underwent a minor rebrand in 2006, it renewed its logo and added new flavors, this time surpassing expectations to fill customers with joy and expand the brand presence.

The famous blue and pink logo is being replaced with more elegant and pose pink and brown. Honoring the hidden 31 between “B” and “R” The original The 1953 advertising campaign showcased 31 flavors (one for each day of the month).

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The brand has released three new flavors in a timely manner with Rebrand‌, which have been carefully developed on the theme and are designed to celebrate big and small successes. Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk takes a non-dairy spin on favorites he already adores. Ube Coconut Swirl is made with real Ube from the Philippines and combines the sweet taste of vanilla with the nut of coconut. The final flavor, completely unwrapped, is a great combination of peanut butter and chocolate, packed with fudge-covered pretzels, caramelized peanuts and swirls of salted caramel.

In addition to the new flavors, Baskin-Robbins is releasing a limited-edition collection that is the brand’s first line of business in 77 years of rule. The “Yes worth it”The collection includes bucket hats, shoes, clothing and yes – and more – skateboards and bicycles.

The intense rebranding and inspiring campaign honors the delightful decades of enjoyment of the Baskin fanbase, while at the same time reviving the brand with freshness, inviting a new generation of customers to reminisce.

Baskin-Robbins President Jason Macedon reflected on how careful listening to his customers can be during a rebrand trip. Team Took note Guests who thought it was affiliated with the brand by Nostalgia, but it “saw some opportunities to be more relevant,” Maceda said.

The limited-edition Merch will be available on April 18th

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