Broward sheriff’s hearing underway, with his police clearance on the line

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony’s hearing began Tuesday over allegations he withheld information in order to improperly obtain his Florida driver’s license. At stake: his ability to keep his police certificate.

In 2022, a three-member panel – part of the state’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission – determined that there is probable cause for pursuing the case against Tony, including the standards of “morality”.

Now, two years later, a two-day hearing has taken place, the latest in a series of state proceedings examining whether or not the sheriff disclosed the required information on official forms.

An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into Tony’s lies on official job applications, was concluded in January 2022, determining that he would not be criminally charged. The FDLE said at the time that some of the sheriff’s lies happened too long ago to prosecute, and that one of the allegations, that he lied to get a new driver’s license, had not been prosecuted either.

But the issue of his driver’s license was heard again Tuesday by the state Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, which has the authority to pursue a case if the “alleged misconduct violates criminal justice standards.” agents of the state.”

If Tony lost his certification, he would lose the ability to act as a law enforcement officer in Florida. This would, however, have no bearing on Tony retaining the role of Broward Sheriff. Civilians can hold the elected position of sheriff.

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