#BoysWillBeBoys trends in Pakistan as public begins to mock government and system amid economic crisis Geopolitics News

#BoysWillBeBoys trends in Pakistan as public begins to mock government and system amid economic crisis

Amid Pakistan’s economic crisis, citizens of the debt-ridden country have resorted to memes and self-deprecating black humor. The hashtag “BoysWillBeBoys” is gaining traction on social media in Pakistan and the posts point to the economic crisis with a touch of humour.

On January 29, a Twitter user, Farrukh Shahzad, posted a meme in which he pointed out how sad girls feel even after getting an A+ in exams, but Pakistan’s top leaders are seen laughing and enjoying life. even after bringing the country to its knees.

Following the recent suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan on February 1, where several police officers lost their lives, Pakistani Twitter user Disgruntledboy1 wrote: “The bastards of GHQ have crippled our once glorious country. I swear, if they had stayed true to their oaths, the whole country would have saluted them. People were spitting on their graves for their betrayal,” and used the hashtag describing the leaders of his country that will never change.

Another Twitter user shamed his country’s leaders by showing how a Mexican lawmaker stripped naked in parliament to alert colleagues to the country’s economic crisis. Osmana Khanzada wrote, “Someone please show this to Shobaz Sharif,” referring to Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Some have used it to show how fuel has become so expensive in Pakistan.

Although the hashtag has been around for days, it has been chosen by meme creators on social media, especially after the topic made its way to the Central Superior Service (CSS) review of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). It is similar to the UPSC exam in India. The exam paper was for recruitment for positions in BS-17 under the Federal Government of Pakistan. There were 10 topics given to the seekers and they had to choose a topic to write an essay of 2500 to 3000 words on it. While nine of the topics were in line with general issues faced by the public, the tenth topic in particular caught the attention of netizens which was “Boys Will Be Boys”.

The subject was widely mocked and ridiculed on social media. Twitter user Wahab Khan wrote: “Boys will be boys. (Essay-2023) Imagine the pathetic level of Federal Civil Service Commission and CSS exam. It’s not about a single question, but rather about the misogynistic, shitty, gutter mindset of the people who ever approved of it.

Twitter user Zainab said: “Is ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ an indirect way to get everyone to write an essay on how our army will never change no matter what? the price?”

However, some Twitter users pointed out that it could be a serious topic to explore the general perception of gender equality, misogyny and more in Pakistani society.

Sindh Deputy Commissioner Hasain Raza said: “Beyond memes, there is another facet to consider #boyswillbeboys. He posted an overview of the topic to explain how it could have been done.

Twitter user Fauzia Rind pointed out that there was an op-ed in Pakistani daily Dawn on the same subject in 2019 by Hajrah Mumtaz.

The economic crisis in Pakistan

The neighboring country, Pakistan, is going through a serious economic crisis. The country was unable to repay its loans on time and sought help from several countries and several international forums. Interestingly, amidst the crisis, the country has not stopped its propaganda to put India down and execute border infiltrations.

In recent times, the government of Pakistan has announced several measures to save foreign exchange reserves. For example, restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and shopping malls were asked to close early to save electricity. More than 220 million people have been left in the dark after the country strategically cut power to save fuel. Power cuts have become common in the country.

The price of general food items like flour and vegetables has skyrocketed in the country. Since 2019 when Pakistan stopped trading with India, several staples including tomatoes have become a luxury for the people of Pakistan. Although people are living on the latest fumes, the import of luxury cars into the country has not stopped.

#BoysWillBeBoys trends in Pakistan as public begins to mock government and system amid economic crisis

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