Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers take over parody show

bodybuilder The Culture Awards, hosted by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, is heading to Brooklyn’s Kings Theater for its third annual show, satirizing culture and celebrating the moments one can only dream about on their podcast .

The ceremony, which will take place on June 15, features 100 categories typically brainstormed by Yang and Rogers, with some mainstays including record of the year and the Cate Blanchett award for best acting. The “fake awards show” is intended to mock the year’s big awards shows and features musical performances from the likes of Blanchett (a winner in her category), celebrity appearances, and video acceptance speeches. Taylor Swift (Winner twice, including the category of Best Taylor Swift).

As for whether Swift could attend this year’s ceremony, Rogers and Yang are leaving the option open.

“If she wants to send a video that would be great. Our message to him and [her publicist] Tree Pain is ‘Help Us, Help You’. Play ball.’ But maybe that’s not the case anymore in the era of sending videos to fake awards-shows,” Rogers said.

The idea for the show began as a joke made by Yang Saturday night Live cast member, and rogers, a star of fire island, with yang and comedy special Have you heard of Christmas?, on his popular podcast bodybuilder, This became a reality once Lincoln Center reached out to Damrosch Park with the option to use the stage at their outdoor space, and the two partnered with producer Lauren Mandel and her company Disco Nap to produce the show.

The ceremony was held at Lincoln Center for the past two years and drew 2,600 attendees to welcome and cheer on the categories’ winners…

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