Bloomberg was talking about India’s boycott by Germany, Range shook hands TOU

Bloomberg was talking about India’s boycott by Germany, Range shook hands


Bloomberg was talking about India’s boycott by Germany, Range shook hands

On the one hand, Western countries, especially European ones, are haphazardly buying energy resources from Russia, while on the other hand, the Western media is publishing false and propaganda articles to put pressure on India. In that order, there is a Bloomberg article stating that Germany should not invite India to the G7 summit because of its support for Russia. However the air of Bloomberg’s claim Germany has Just deleted.

Germany snubs India as G-7 guest on Russia’s stance The article with the headline said that due to India’s stance on Russia, Germany is now tightening its grip on inviting India to the G7 meeting. Citing sources, the article said, “Given India’s reluctance to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine, in the opinion of those familiar with the matter, Germany is debating whether to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the seven summits to be held in June.” This time the G7 summit will be held in Bavaria, Germany. Germany is the organizer so it will decide which of the invited countries to invite.

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Bloomberg article denied

Bloomberg report “Germany is ready to include Senegal, South Africa and Indonesia as guests in the Bayern-Meeting, but India’s name is under consideration. Bloomberg did not name its sources due to the privacy clause. And the German government quickly rejected it.

Republic TV report The German government has now denied reports that it is considering not inviting India as a host country to the G7 summit.

Bloomberg’s article was an arrow shot in the air. The reality is that European countries do not want to spoil relations with India under any circumstances. India’s resolve will only be strengthened when India is pressured to adopt an anti-Russian stance. It is definite and has been reported to India by India.

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Western nations do not want Russia, the world’s second-largest emerging economy after China, to remain entirely on Russia’s side. Anyway, at the moment the European Union is pushing for a free trade agreement with India. Germany will not take any decision that would harm its trade interests and those of other European countries. Whatever newspapers like Bloomberg, New York Times, The Washington Post write, they do not value the Government of India and most of the people of India. On the contrary, by writing such false news, he is further undermining his credibility.

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