Bill Maher Podcast Network to launch, Sage Steele appointed as first host

hbo real time Host Bill Maher is launching a podcast network.

Club Random Studio Network (the name is derived from Maher club random podcast), will try to host a podcast built on the idea of ​​”freedom of speech”, the late-night host told hollywood reporter,

“I’m looking for people who are not talkative people. I’m looking for people who don’t say, ‘What’s the right answer here?'” before they speak, Maher said.

The first podcast on the network, which Maher is helming with co-creators Chris Case and Chuck LaBella, will be hosted by former ESPN Sage Steele. game Center The anchor who parted ways with the channel last year after settling a free speech lawsuit. Steele filed a lawsuit alleging retaliation after making controversial comments about COVID-19 vaccine mandates on a podcast hosted by Jay Cutler.

“She is the perfect choice to be our first new host because, like me, she upset Disney. There’s a certain poetic symmetry to it,” Maher says of Steele’s show, which launches today (Maher, of course, tangled with Disney after ABC canceled his show). politically incorrect in 2002).

steel tells heart She plans her program around “conversations, not interviews” and will host athletes, executives, actors, comedians, politicians and other guests. UFC chief Dana White, comedians Howie Mandel and Adam Corolla, and California Senate candidate Steve Garvey are among the early guests.

“Throughout my career I have always tried to find the ‘why’ behind people and get that human interest story,” Steele says. He said that his own personal experience is telling him this.

“You realize that sharing your story can benefit others…

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